The Language and Creation Center is an academic department focused on the development of creation and research projects, located at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction of the University of the Americas in Santiago de Chile.

Its goal is to promote the development of inter- and trans-disciplinary projects, through the identification and exploration of research lines that cut through architecture, graphic design, digital animation and building.

Research Lines

The NLC operates by developing short-term intensive projects that –by means of multiple media and formats– are capable of exploring complex themes, as they intersect with a series of spatial variables.

—SPACE, Body and Sound
It explores the record and dissemination of sound as a spatial, political and sensitive variable, through research and creation projects.

—SPACE, Technology and Nature
Focuses on the exploration of shared technologies between the Faculty’s schools, with creative and innovative outcomes.

—SPACE, Society and Design
Focused on the critical analysis of modern trajectories associated with material culture and the epistemology of design, with research and creation outputs.

—SPACE, Design and Communication
Explore the development of new audiovisual and editorial media and formats, aimed towards creation, research and innovation projects.

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