Espacios Resonantes

—Sofía Balbontín y Mathias Klenner

This research project and its series of artworks focuses on the aesthetic, political and social dimension of soundspace as a means to create alternative and subjective narratives, to resignify, subvert and deconstruct the memory of the space and the architecture that sustains it.

The case studies for experimentation are resonant spaces, abandoned infrastructures on the margins of memory and the urban, sublime wartime architecture built to generate energy, store oil and water, strange geometric shapes, uninhabitable spaces with exacerbated and unique acoustics, monuments of a future that never happened: a gasometer and a cooling tower of an abandoned power plant in Belgium, a water tank from a textile factory, a rainwater cistern and a bomb shelter from the Civil War in Spain, and two WWII oil tanks in the UK, with reverberations from 4 to 80 seconds.

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